Water Management

Managing water supplies while maintaining the environmental values in our area requires balancing of these needs.  There is a path forward.  We have prepared a Groundwater Sustainability Plan that achieves a balance.  It uses state of the art computer modeling, physical monitoring that show how to preserves access to groundwater while protecting the environment along the Santa Clara River. 


As climate change occurs, our water supply infrastructure will be challenged with longer droughts and the decline in snow pack will mean higher winter flows in rivers.  Adapting to these challenges we’ll need to:

· Build more treatment system to recover you local groundwater supplies

· Use recycled water to irrigate landscapes

· Using available supplies more efficiently by implementing new water conservation programs

· Investing in programs that store more wet year water for use during dry-years

· Updating existing infrastructure ensure deliveries of imported supplies

Water Supplies and Growth – There is a misconception that SCV Water can determine the extent of future growth in our community.  The reality is that the City and County that plan for and approve new development.  It is the responsibility and obligation by law then for the SCV Water Agency to find and provide water supplies for our current and future water users. 

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